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Welllllll... maybe not exactly.

Do you remember E3 2014? No? Was it due to the fact that they didn't show practically anything? Do you want to see some gameplay? Do you want to see the new protagonist?! DO YOU WANT TO HEAR DETAILS ABOUT THE NEW ROMANCE INTERESTS?!!!

Because it didn't have any of that. Mass Effect 4 is still "years out" according to sources.

But I do have four words for you:

The mako is back. Yep! That tough-as-nails, lumbering bear of a land rover will be dropping onto virgin soil once more! You know you secretly loved it.

Oh, and before you continue reading, go fill out this survey for the fine folks at Bioware...:
- else will we get the options to make our trans-gendered, human-quarian hybrid characters with penchants for robot sex? Let them know what you think!

Anyway, back to Mako Driving Simulator 2014!

The two biggest details coming out of the Comic Con for Mass Effect was the Mako's return and that we will play as a human again. Although, since it's still early in development, the developers may add in the options for different races for your player character. It's not set in stone.

In fact, a big theme about everything that the developers showed during the presentation was a strong disclaimer that things could (will) change to varying degrees.

Story-wise, again, the devs were tight-lipped on the issue. But the people who were there said that Bioware "hinted at the possibility of the next Mass Effect game taking place within Shepard's lifetime, but not featuring Shepard at all." (Personally, I really hope they don't go this route.)

Now, I haven't found any complete recordings from SDCC, Bioware probably didn't allow recording of the show. If you know of a full recording of the panel, let me know in the comments.

Due to the fact that everything I've seen so far has been photographed via smart phone, the images are rather blurry, but here are some neat little images that might give you an idea of the look for the new hero.

As a whole, the look falls very close to the tree in terms of similarity to the Shepard N7 armor. Although one thing jumped out at me, or rather the lack of which; armor boobs. The chest plate on the female model seems to apply the sports bra effect, similar to the armor of the female Soldier in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. Side by side, you can barely tell the different between the two. Except for the hips. Hips don't lie.

The Escapist put up a video showing off captured footage of the Mako concept animations:

No guns anymore, but from all appearances it probably still ignores fall damage. What do you say, like the new look?

And as always, feel free to fire away at the things you'd like to see, or not see!

Finally, big thanks to Padzi for being kind enough to send me links to all the pertinent information so I could immediately sit down and start writing this after getting home from work, instead of hunting it all down myself. That was very very kind of you. (If you feel I left out anything important, feel free to edit it in. ;) )
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